How big can I have my shutter panels?

How big can I have my shutter panels?

When exploring a brand new set of shutters, many people have an image of what they are looking to achieve with an overall aesthetic of the shutters in their mind. This may include the size of panels and panel configuration which, whilst often falling behind decisions such as style and material, is a significant feature of the shutter design and their completed look in a room.

If panel size is important to the finish you are looking to achieve, it can be useful to know from the offset if there are any limitations in place on the panels and how this may affect the shutter design. For example if a simplistic contemporary look is preferred this should be factored into the early decisions about your shutters.

Material is an important factor

One of the most significant features that impacts panel size possibilities is the shutter material. Heavier materials need to have smaller panels to ensure a comfortable longevity of the shutters and to avoid warping of the panel over time. The bigger the desired panel, the lighter the material needs to be.

MDF is the heaviest shutter material, followed closely by waterproof Permawood. Lighter options that have larger panel possibilities are our wooden shutter choices of Hardwood and Pearlwood. Large or complex shutters such as shapes are always made in Pearlwood. The difference between the single hung possibilities of the heaviest MDF and lightest Pearlwood is 140mm so there is a big difference between the two.

Once sizes of your window are available, whether measured yourself for a pre-quote or by one of our expert surveyors, we will be able to advise the panel possibilities for the shutters including size.

Single or bi-folding panels

Shutters that bi-fold against one another need to be smaller in size so if big panels are preferred, choosing a single hung panel option will allow for larger panels to be more comfortably added.

What are the benefits of choosing large panels?

Choosing large panels for shutters has its benefits. The bigger the shutter panels, the more light that will come through into the space as there will be fewer solid section divides where framing and rails separate the shutters and separate slat sections. Pairing large panels with the largest slat size choice of 89mm will also assist with this.

In summer months when utilising a breeze in the room with an open window behind open slats, less panels will avoid additional blockage of this breeze.

Extra considerations

There are a few extra considerations you may think about for large shutter panels. For particularly large or tall windows, divider rails may need to be included to ensure that the panel is correctly supported and has the strongest possible structure to keep it long lasting.

When deciding to opt for large panels, it is always worth thinking about how the panel will open into the room, and how regularly the panels will be used. If the panels will often remain closed, then having a very large panel that swings right out into the room will unlikely be of any consequence. However, if panels will often be opened up to expose the window then a bi-folding choice will slightly smaller panels may be better to neatly fold away. This is all something that will be discussed at a full survey so our expert surveyors can run through all the information in detail.

Book in for a measure appointment today on 02088719222 or by submitting and online contact form. We can't wait to help you start your shutter journey today. 


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