How to clean your shutters

How to clean your shutters

Shutters are a very easy to maintain window dressing so all of the fantastic benefits on offer for your windows feel that much sweeter knowing that keeping your stunning shutters looking brand new is so easy.

If you’re looking for some advice on the best care for your shutters then we have you covered with some tips on keeping your shutters in tip top shape.

When we install your shutters we leave you with a luxury ostrich feather duster. This duster is ideal for regularly keeping your shutters free of dust which can naturally settle onto the slats. For the most effective dusting, tilt the slats down and dust in the same direction before tackling the reverse. This top-quality duster allows you to successfully clean the shutters without worrying about scratching or damaging the slats. Dusting should always be the first step to avoid grimy particles building up in corners when a slight amount of moisture is introduced.

Once you have dusted the shutters, vacuum or sweep away any debris that may have fallen onto the floor to prevent anything floating back up when you are cleaning the rest of the room.

Following this, use a cloth to wipe the shutters down as required. Start with a dry cloth and gently wipe down the shutters and the window area. Dampen the cloth slightly, being careful to get rid of as much moisture as possible to avoid water marks or stains being left on the slats and once again go across the whole area. Never spray anything directly onto the shutters, use chemicals or cleaning products, or let water dry on the slats as this can damage the protective finishes applied to the slats during manufacturing.

After rubbing down with the dampened cloth, run back over the area again with the dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture off the surface.

Repeat this process as required and your shutters will look brilliant for years to come.


Do all shutter materials need to be cleaned the same?

The above cleaning instructions will work wonderfully for all of our shutter materials so no matter what choice you have made for your shutters, the cleaning process should be simple. Shutters that are manufactured in our waterproof material are fully water protected so although cleaning are the same, you can be a little free-er with the use of the damp cloth without concern of damage to the shutter finish. Chemicals should never be used on any shutter material as the protective finishes may be compromised.

How regularly should I clean my shutters?

Dusting your shutters once a week will save any build up of dust or grime on the slats or panels. The shutters need only be fully wiped down every few weeks (like skirting boards for example) or as required. Do not scrub the shutters if they are marked as there is a risk of taking some of the coating off and damaging them permanently.

Do Plantation Shutters offer a cleaning service?

As shutters are relatively low maintenance to keep clean, we do not offer a full cleaning service for shutters but if you have any queries about your shutters then we are here to advise on anything you may need. 


Still yet to get your wonderful new shutters or have a question about the maintenance of your existing shutters? Our friendly team are on hand to help with anything you need so don't hesitate to get in touch today on 020 8871 9222.  


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