How do interior Plantation Shutters fix to windows?

How do interior Plantation Shutters fix to windows?

Interior plantation shutters have gained their popularity over the years because of their ability to comfortably fix to virtually any window and make the ideal dressing. Due to the versatility of window styles, the shutters need to be able to fix to windows in a variety of ways to allow for the ideal fit every time. Here are all of the different fixing, or mounting as we would refer to them, options for interior shutters when they are being added to windows.

Inside mounting

Deep Plain L (60mm)

Deep plan L frames sit in the window like an upside-down L. The long edge sits against the wall and the screw is inserted to the protruding edge that comes out the side. This framing choice is often either fixed to the outside edge of a recess or just in front of the window itself. This is a side fixing option for the shutters.

Vintage L (46mm)

A vintage L frame is the same upside L shape as the deep plain L however the same is fixed in with the screw in a different place. The screw is inserted to the long edge of the L shape which sits against the wall and is face fixed directly into the window edges.

Deep Bullnose Z (60mm)

A deep bullnose Z frame has a small lip that hooks around the wall edge. As with the deep plain L, the screw is inserted into the edge of the wall so this becomes another side fixing option. The difference between the overall look of the deep bullnose Z and deep L is that with the slight lip that comes round the window edge, so a slight part of the surrounding wall is covered.

Beaded Z (46mm)

Beaded frames are almost identical to deep bullnose frames however the small lip that extends round the wall has a subtle beaded detail. Beaded frames give an extra decorative feature to the shutters and are purely a design choice for the shutters rather than providing any practical features. Beaded Z frames can either be screwed in at the same point as the deep bullnose or in the centre of the longer edge placed by the wall. Screwing the frames at this point will mean that the screws will be covered by the panels when closed.

Double Insert L (50mm)

Double insert L frames are fitted at the front of a window area and have two potential fixing points, either side fixing or face fixing to the side of the windows. Opting for a double insert L is a great choice if, for example, you are dabbling in a supply only order for the first time and want a little more flexibility in where the shutters can be fitted. This will give a little extra tolerance on the measurements as a double insert L allows you to you decide that the shutters would be best fixed elsewhere on the window then there is a choice between either side fixing or face fixing in the space. It is always recommended that you trust in our expert surveyors to measure your shutters for you as they will ensure that the most ideal fixing option is in place for the desired opening of the panels and the style of window and shutter design that has been chosen.

Outside mounting

Outside mounted shutters are any shutters that are attached onto any space around the window including the wall around the window. There are two possible options for these outside mounting frames which are Camber Deco and Vintage L attachments.

Camber Deco (50mm)

Camber deco frames are unique in their shape because they have very different profiles to the more common L or Z shapes that other framing styles carry. This option has a small protruding section that extends slightly beyond the wall edge and is directly fixed into the surrounding wall of the window. 

Vintage L (46mm)

Vintage L frames bring shutter frames the furthest away from the window as they are attached to the surrounding wall at the longest point so the shutter frames protrude beyond the wall. This framing style is a great option for windows that have especially large handles to avoid the louvres hitting against the windows - often more of an issue if a large slat size is chosen because the larger slat has a greater reach when opened.

Sash window mount

Vintage L

For sash windows, a vintage L frame can be attached onto the sash window frame itself. Shorter screws are used to ensure that the sash weight remains fully operational as the shutters are being fixed directly onto the window.


If you're unsure of the best mounting option for your window, our team of experts are here to help guide you to the most suitable option for you. You can reach our friendly office team on 02088719222, email, submit an Online Quote Calculator with some basic measurements for a material only cost of the shutters or submit a Contact Form to request a call back from our team. 


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