Plantation Shutters Adding Value to your Home


Plantation Shutters Adding Value to your Home

When the time comes to selling your home, it’s always useful to know what can add value to your property and develop and build its attraction to the potential buyer.

“House price growth fell to a six-year low in august as subdued economic activity and stretched household budgets dragged month-on-month growth down by 0.5pc, the largest monthly decline since the London 2012 Olympics." Sophie Christie, The Telegraph

Of course, these statistics come hand in hand with the uncertainty the UK has faced as a result of the Brexit vote. Now, may seem the wrong time to sell your home, would the current financial situation cause a negative effect on your sale? We are informed, the market will recover, and we will begin to see a growth in house prices. So, how do you work at your property to help it achieve its full potential, buyers are in a sea of sellers, so each decision regarding your property value must be fully thought out.

Do Plantation Shutters have value when selling a house? Your house needs to have something special which makes it stand out above the rest, an immediate effect from the onlooker’s initial impression to the vital decisions. Take the prospective buyer on a journey inside your home and the shutters create and emphasise a style and flair. Shutters within an interior are an immediate tool and selling feature, something to indefinitely add to the pitch for the property.

Hardwood - Tier on Tier - Classic Slat Size - Pure White - White Hinges

A price for every budget? At Plantation Shutters, we have a range of varied material costs, suitable for all budgets, from the hard-wearing and cost-effective MDF, through to our finest quality timber, White Teak. As all our shutters are made to measure and installed to the highest possible quality, they will always appear and maintain excellent quality within the room.

Hardwood - Tier on Tier - Classic Slat Size - Pure White - White Hinges

What are the key benefits? The benefits of shutters within the home are endless. Why can they be perceived as adding such value? Shutters help to reduce energy bills, they act as great insulators, perfect for those chilly evenings. Shutters allow you to control privacy within the room, and with privacy added security. Excellent for properties facing busy roads.

What about Pests? After a recent survey conducted by online estate agent Tepilo, 82% of homebuyers surveyed were interested in purchasing a period style property. Now we know with period properties come pests and dust. We’re excited to highlight that shutters reduce household dust mites, a perfect pairing! Shutters are easily cleaned and maintained.

Hardwood - Tier on Tier - Classic Slat Size - Pure White - White Hinges

A décor to increase value? Plantation Shutters can match and complement a range of interior design styles. Keep neutral with a classic white shutter, or go a little Avant-Garde with a pop colour, perhaps for a children’s bedroom.

Hardwood - Tier on Tier - Classic Slat Size - Pure White - White Hinges

When thinking about selling your home and increasing its value you need to consider and appreciate the property in a nutshell. Are you looking for the immediate impact, or are you wanting to create a lasting effect? Quality is key, and quality is highlighted within a value, it’s as simple as that! Plantation Shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home and adding to your interior style, get in touch today. Browse our many options or style in our shutter gallery, or call us on 020 8871 9222 or email one of a friendly team today.

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Nicola, a customer in Esher via Google

Great customer service from start to finish.

Ian, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters. Surveyor very knowledgeable and fitters did a great job. All round customer service excellent.

Amy, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters & fitted to perfection. Slight delay because of COVID-19, but communication and service was great throughout.