Bay Window Shutters

Bay Window Shutters

One of the most common yet complicated windows you will find in London homes is bay windows featuring multiple angled panes. The experts at Plantation Shutters Ltd spend a lot of time fitting beautiful new shutters to our clients’ homes and helping transform their windows to new levels. Here are some of our favourite recent examples of bay window shutter installations.

In this gorgeous nature focused room, Tier on Tier shutters have been added to the bay window in our Craftwood MDF material. Tier on tier shutters are a popular style choice for living rooms and for bay windows as it can be a desirable option to open up top panels and let natural light into the room, whilst bottom panels remain closed to benefit from privacy in the space. Sash bay windows are one of the most basic styles of bay to fit shutters to. For the best overall look, shutters are fitted to each of the individual sash's so unlike other styles of bay, the windows can be treated individually.

These shutters have been finished in our Silk White colour which is one of our most popular choices. Silk White is a stunning colour which has a subtle depth of colour so the shutters blend wonderfully with the overall window finish and give a homely warmth to the room.

89mm slats mean that there are less slats distributed throughout the panels and make for a chic and modern look. This modern look is also enhanced by the choice to have a ‘without a tilt rod’ design. Slats are controlled using an internal mechanism that is activated by simply pushing a single slat in the panel.

This bedroom square bay window has a direct 90-degree angle between the sides and main window section. Square bay windows can be tricky to dress because of the tight angle, but this is where the custom nature of shutters come into their own. Shutters make an exceptional choice for the windows as they are custom made for the space and make for a perfect fit with full coverage. This seamless finish is achieved through the use of corner posts which are placed in the edges of the shutter where panels meet. 

Pearlwood is our full wood material and makes for a lightweight dressing solution with a lovely natural grain finish. These properties of Pearlwood make it a great choice for large full height windows and give the option for larger panels. This full height panel features a divider rail in the higher section which allows slat sections to be controlled independently either side of the rail. Our In Vogue slat size, 76mm, is the middle of our options and provides a fantastic balance of light into the room when the slats are tilted open whilst still offering more slats within panels. 

This cosy room has been given a boost by adding shutters to the large bay window. In our luxury Pearlwood material, full height with a divider rail is the chosen style. There are some similarities here with the window before, particularity in the design, however the sides of this bay window joins to the central section with a greater than 90-degree angle. The colour finish on these shutters is Pure White, a fresh and bright colour that often matches to window and architrave colours. White hinges have been chosen to match the Pure White finish of the shutters panels, so the hinges become a discreet part of the installation.

Custom bay posts have been used in the angles of this window where the angled side window panels meet the central flat section. Bay posts are customised to the angle of the window join and allow shutters to follow the natural shape of the window in a seamless way so shutter panels smoothly transition across the window. Having true experts is vital for this trickier type of shutter installation because many bay windows require these customised bay posts made to replicate the angle of the window creating a seamless join where each of the panels meet. Lesser products or less experienced workmanship cannot accommodate this smart design style and results in shutter frames and panels being ‘butted’ together. This can lead to boxy or unfished looks and is why we always recommend choosing quality and experience for your shutters.

This final bay embodies modern architectural elegance. The curved window is one of the more unusual bay styles we come across with 7 panels curving to make a slight semi-circle shape. A window like this can be especially difficult to dress due to its unusual shape whilst simultaneously being a feature which would be disappointing to loose because of the unique feature it adds to the room. There are custom bay posts between each of the 7 panels which allows them to be angled around the window and mimic that statement curve.  

The shutters have been custom colour matched to the Little Greene Rolling Fog room colour so they blend seamlessly into the room. Spotlights have also been tastefully added on the sill so when panels and slats are closed the shutters are a feature of their own. 64mm slats look particularly smart in this full height with a divider rail style with the rail featured in an ideal location three quarters up the panel. This gives a great slat distribution and provides the benefit of top and bottom split use of the slats. Without a tilt rod was certainly the ideal choice here to keep the panels smart and avoid over-busying the look of the panels.

Another notable feature of these shutters is the hidden hinges. Hidden hinges are only available in certain materials, one of which is our luxury all wood Pearlwood material which is beautifully lightweight with a lovely finish. Hinge fixtures are discreetly hidden within panels to give a sleeker and smarter finish to the overall look of the shutters so it is not immediately clear which way each the panels open which simplifies this quietly complex shutter design. Just stunning.  

If you have a bay window of any style, size and design that you would like to add shutters for the very best window dressing available then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Plantation Shutters team. We’re the experts here to help you. Simply give us a call on 020 8871 9222, complete an Online Quote or submit a Contact Us form and we're here to help with anything we need.

Job specs:

  • Material(s): 
    Pearlwood Shutters
    Craftwood MDF Shutters
  • Style(s): 
    Full Height
    Tier on Tier
  • Room(s): 
    Living room
  • Range(s): 
    Classic (64mm)
    In Vogue (76mm)
    Modern (89mm)
  • Tilt rod style(s): 
    Contemporary (hidden)
  • Finish(es): 
    Custom colours


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